Friday, 26 November 2010

Cheapest Hotel Rooms In Europe

Research shows Krakow and Budapest have the cheapest hotel rooms out of 50 European destinations. Find out what cities were next on the list The average price of a rooms in Krakow or Budapest is €64 (about £57). A recent study suggests that makes the two cities the cheapest place to get a hotel room in Europe. Research shows that the cost of a hotel room fell by 16% in the past month, a standard room anywhere on the continent is likely to cost travellers about €101 (£86).

Hotel comparison site tracks the average price of hotel rooms in 50 of Europe’s most popular cities. In some places, the fall was significant: the price of a room in Venice dropped by 44%, from €198 to €144 (from about £169 to about £123).

Overall, travellers are paying significantly less for a hotel room than they would have done in 2009. Year on year comparisons showed that travellers needing rooms in Bucharest, Brussels and Athens will save the most. The most expensive city was Geneva (€181 or about £154), however prices there also fell by €25 (about £21).

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