Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hotel rezervace ve střední Brusel

Hotel rezervace ve střední Brusel - Brusel Ubytování Slevy a nabídky

Zkontrolujte, zda hotelový pokoj dostupnost, kniha pozdě hotelů, speciální nabídky hotelový pokoj a noc, v polovině týdne a víkend balíčky ubytování v hotelu v centru Bruselu, Belgie. Online rezervace ubytování v hotelu, levné rezervace hotelového pokoje a pozdní pojednává o městě víkend přestávku nabízí hotely v Brusel - Hotel rezervace ve střední Brusel

Monday, 21 March 2011

Pantone Brussels Hotel Reviews in Sleeper Magazine

Pantone’s iconic graphic identity has inspired the design of a new hotel, launched in Brussels in May 2010. “The most important aspect of the hotel for me was the marriage of colour across the interior design, architecture and graphics,” explains interior designer Michel Penneman. 

Penneman saw the opportunity to work the Pantone branding into his scheme, as well as specifying products from the Pantone Universe of homewares, apparel and fashion accessories. 

The idea worked for brothers Avi and Ilan Haim, who own the property, and with Pantone already toying with the idea of a move into hospitality the project fell fortuitously into place. 

Of course, it was not as simple as that but when Penneman submitted his 3D renderings, the phone from the New Jersey HQ of Pantone was soon ringing. 

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Friday, 18 March 2011

Booking a Room at the Pantone Hotel in Brussels

Pantone’s standardised colour-matching system is used by designers and printers the world over, but this is the first time the concept has ever been applied to a hotel. And what a success it’s been: the 61-room Pantone Hotel has won several awards — including Travel + Leisure magazine’s 2011 Best Design Hotel (with fewer than 100 rooms) Award — since opening its doors in May 2010.

The once-decrepit building was bought by Israeli brothers Avi and Ilan Haim, who brought in designer Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert — who together came up with the concept. It’s bright, breezy and exciting to say you've stayed in a world first!

The basic premise is that all the rooms are a blank canvas of white walls and linen, with long-haired black carpet (beware asthma sufferers), in order to draw attention to the panel photograph mounted above each bed - which lights up at night. Taken by Belgian photographer Victor Levy, these photographs feature an obscure Brussels’ site magnified many times to emphasise the pure pantone colours — arty, eh? All the bedrooms on the same floor feature the same subject taken in a slightly different way.For example, on the ‘red’ floor the photos feature different details of a railway bridge near Bruxelles Midi train station.

Each floor has its own colour (1= blue, 2=green, 3=purple, 4=yellow, 5= orange, 6 = red, 7 = bronze) and they keep bookings as flexible as possible, so when you check in they can ask you what colour/mood you’re in and assign you to a floor accordingly. Notice the Pantone-coloured lights in the halls!

Rooms ending in six (ie: 106, 206, 306, 406, 506 and 606) all sit at the corner of the building and, as a result, have panoramic views and a small terrace. Room 606, however, is a special one: the bathroom is small and only has a shower, but unlike the others it has an enormous terrace with superb views.

Meanwhile, the rooms on the top floor — 801 and 802 — are different. They don’t follow the pantone theme; instead, the side walls slide open and you have rooftop views across the Lower Town. Depending on demand, these rooms aren’t offered in summer and, instead, the area is converted into a rooftop bar for all the clients.

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Pantone Hotel Brussels In the New York Times

Anyone who has been to Brussels will attest to its being a drab town with good bars and restaurants but disappointingly bland hotels. Until now. Pantone, the undisputed color authority, is the latest brand to attach its name to a hotel, having opened a 59-room boutique establishment in the Belgian capital last May.

Occupying a white 1970s tower on a tree-lined square near the shopping district on Avenue Louise, the Pantone Hotel pulls off the seemingly impossible, successfully extending the brand’s multihued DNA without being an eyesore.

The interior designers Michel Penneman and Oliver Hannaert thankfully exercised restraint when applying the Pantone logo and its scope of colors throughout the hotel


The sparsely furnished white rooms and suites (beginning at $137 per night) create breathing space for photographs of Brussels’s more lurid urban features — a red bridge here, striped blue and white flags there — by the Belgian photographer Victor Levy. Floor-to-ceiling windows make the capacious rooms appear even bigger and brighter, and the salt-and-pepper shag carpeting feels soft underfoot.

The hotel’s seven floors were each designated a different color — a gesture meant to entice customers to select a room to match their mood. There is a rooftop terrace offering excellent views of the city and a lobby boutique selling a range of Pantone merchandise from coffee mugs to stepladders. And if a color consultation with a Pantone expert won’t do the trick, another corner of the lobby has a small library where guests can read about color therapy if they’re feeling blue.

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Brussels designhotel is het beste ter wereld

Het gerenommeerde magazine Travel + Leisure heeft het Brusselse Pantone Hotel uitgeroepen tot het beste designhotel ter wereld met minder dan honderd kamers.

The Pantone Hotel

Monday, 7 March 2011

Hotel Design Awards; Pantone Hotel Brussels Wins "Fewer than 100 Rooms" Category

Travel + Leisure magazine has polled a panel of seven distinguished judges and named this year's list of best-designed hotels, resorts and more.

The winner in the "Fewer Than 100 Rooms" category is the colorful but simple Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. The 61-room hotel features mostly white walls, but floors and rooms are accessorized with pops of color taken straight from the Pantone Matching System, a standardized color spectrum used by design and manufacturing industries. Pantone products of all sorts are also for sale at the hotel, ranging from vibrant furniture to monochromatic mugs.

"Pantone is clever, but not 'cute,' exactly what a small hotel should be," says juror David Childs, who is the man behind the now-in-construction One World Trade Center, among many other things.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Réservation Hôtel à Bruxelles Central

Réservation Hôtel à Bruxelles Central - Réductions et offres d'hébergement à Bruxelles

Consultez la disponibilité pour chambre d'hôtel, livre traite hôtel tard, des offres spéciales chambre d'hôtel et nuit, en milieu de semaine et forfaits week-end hébergement à l'hôtel dans le centre de Bruxelles, en Belgique. Réservations en ligne hébergement à l'hôtel, bon marché réservations chambre d'hôtel et les offres sur la fin de week end escapade offres d'hôtels à Bruxelles -  Pantone Hotel Réservation Hôtel à Bruxelles Central

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Passa Porta Festival at Bozar

This year’s Passa Porta Festival will take place in Brussels from 24 to 27 March inclusive.In this edition BOZAR LITERATURE is hosting a number of activities on the theme of On the Move.
Moving house, travelling, emigrating, finding yourself, fleeing…

Whether for pleasure or out of curiosity or necessity, travelling is part of the human condition.
In the Hungarian side of the Passa Porta Festival, BOZAR LITERATURE will host Péter Esterházy, one of the greatest writers of our time.

One of the key figures appearing at the Centre for Fine Arts in the context of the Passa Porta literary festival will be the Turkish Nobel Prize-winning writer Orhan Pamuk.

The Event takes place at;
Centre for fine Arts
Rue Ravenstein 23
1000 Bruxelles