Monday, 7 March 2011

Hotel Design Awards; Pantone Hotel Brussels Wins "Fewer than 100 Rooms" Category

Travel + Leisure magazine has polled a panel of seven distinguished judges and named this year's list of best-designed hotels, resorts and more.

The winner in the "Fewer Than 100 Rooms" category is the colorful but simple Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. The 61-room hotel features mostly white walls, but floors and rooms are accessorized with pops of color taken straight from the Pantone Matching System, a standardized color spectrum used by design and manufacturing industries. Pantone products of all sorts are also for sale at the hotel, ranging from vibrant furniture to monochromatic mugs.

"Pantone is clever, but not 'cute,' exactly what a small hotel should be," says juror David Childs, who is the man behind the now-in-construction One World Trade Center, among many other things.

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