Friday, 29 October 2010

Weekend Breaks in Brussels

If you are planning a romantic winter, tour of the old city of Brussels, a midweek or weekend  city break or planning a Christmas shopping trip, staying at The PANTONE HOTEL  Brussels just off Avenue Louise will be difficult to resist. Discover our special offers and deals for weekend breaks and short stay vacations in Brussels, the capital of Europe, one of the cheapest city centre destinations in Europe.

We offer special last minute hotel promotions, shopping weekends, city tours to Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp, tourist and cultural excursions, museum tickets and romantic packages. 

Brussels offers something for everyone looking to get away and relax during a reaxing weekend break.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Brussels Tourist Sites & Attractions

Pantone Hotel Brussels is an ideal place to experience personalised service and quality accommodation and makes an excellent base from which to explore the tourist sites and attractions of Brussels city centre.

Tourist Sites & Attractions - A few of the remarkable historical buildings, sites and tourist attractions of Brussels nearby include the King's House and Palace Of Justice and Royal Palace. The most eye-catching monument, Arc De Triomphe is must-see attraction of the city.

Pantone Hotel Location - Located off the Avenue Louise, in the heart of Brussels, Pantone Hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the fashionable shopping area of Avenue Louisea nd the Louise metro station. The Hotel Des Monnaies metro station  is located a 5-minute walk away. Gare du Midi is only 3 metro stops away. Some of the city's famous torist sites and attractions are Cinquantenaire Park, Manneken Pis and St. Hubert, a covered shopping gallery.

Pantone Hotel Rooms - This central Brussels hotel boasts comfortable rooms that are well equipped with modern facilities. All rooms feature wireless Internet access, air conditioning, flat screen TV and private bathroom.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Hotels in Brussels, Belgium

Located in Brussels, Belgium, the Pantone Hotel is newest addition to the Pantone imperium. The company that was best known for colour matching, has taken on many other aspects of design with their line of sneakers, cosmetics and now, a hotel.

All guest rooms are principally white, with colourful accents added to create various moods. Seven different colour combinations are on offer, ranging from earthy and rich brown tones, to fresh and eager green hues.

Swatches of the colour combinations are on the walls, and artwork, photos and accessories in matching colours enhance the theme; even the windows are coloured to match.

Hotel reviews for  Brussels, Belgium - Frame Mag - Frame is the world's leading trade magazine about interior and product design

Friday, 15 October 2010

Corporate Hospitality Market in Brussels

Brussels is headquarters to the European Union (EU), NATO and Belgium is home to more than 1000 International companies including DHL, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and Estee Lauder. Brussels is the site of more than thousands of international business meetings each year.

At the Pantone Hotel a  network of professionals accustomed to organizing corporate events and business conferences are on hand to take care of your function while you take care of business. Belgian cateres and suppliers are familiar with the corporate hospitality market in Brussels and aim to please by doing their best to accommodate special requests.

Brussels is the Capital of Europe and English is widely spoken.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Designer Shopping in Brussels

The PANTONE HOTEL is located in the Boulevard de Waterloo and Avenue Louise area of Central Brussels, jjust 5 minutes by taxi or 2 stops on the Metro from the Brussels Eurostar station at Gare De Midi

The Pantone Hotel  in South Central Brussels is surrounded by excellent restaurants, designer boutiques, jewllers and luxury goods shops. Avenue Louise is home to many upmarket shops, restaurants and offices.

Starting from Louise Square which intersects with Boulevard de Waterloo with the most prestigious shopping area in Brussels with a mainly Italian and French line-up with such famous names as Gucci, Armani, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Ralph Lauren

Hotel Place Loix, Loixplein, Brussels

Whether visiting Brussels for a weekend or simply seeking a change of scenery for the night, below are some of The Word's  favourite alternatives to the rather impersonal international five star hotel chains.

Topping our list is the recently opened and buzz-worthy Hotel Pantone. Designed by Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert, the spanking new boutique hotel establishes itself as a temple for the colour-conscious, and whose aim is to allow guests to experience the city through a lens of colour.

Each floor showcases a distinctive hue, mixing colour therapy and design. The 59 rooms and suites use one of seven Pantone colour palettes, ranging from tranquil and aquatic to daring and fiery: earthy/rich (chocolate), daring/fiery (fuchsia), vibrant/intense (orange), cheerful/warm (lemon), captivating/esteemed/silky (pink), fresh/eager (green) and tranquil/exotic/exhilarating (aqua).

Visit the Pantone Hotel Place Loix 1 Loixplein, Brussels

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Modern Design Hotel Brussels

The Pantone Hotel opened this week in Brussels, featuring modern design decked out in just seven very precise dominant colors: Pantones 478, 200, 137, 1215, 238, 353 and 298. For those of us less accustomed to the famed color-matching system, that would be approximately brown, crimson, orange, beige, lavender, seafoam and aqua. And yes, you can select your room by color.

Pantone, in case you're baffled at this point, is a company that specializes in color precision, making sure graphic designers get the exact shades they're looking for. Why they would theme a hotel around this is a separate question, one that shouldn't obfuscate the concept's general awesomeness.

Naturally, the modern hotel lounge serves colorful cocktails including the Pink Champagne Pantone 12-1107, the Lemon Drop Pantone 12-0736 and the Daiquiri Green 12-0435.

The 59-key design hotel offers free WiFi. Hotel room rates at the Pantone costs a very reasonable €59 per night.

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