Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hotel Place Loix, Loixplein, Brussels

Whether visiting Brussels for a weekend or simply seeking a change of scenery for the night, below are some of The Word's  favourite alternatives to the rather impersonal international five star hotel chains.

Topping our list is the recently opened and buzz-worthy Hotel Pantone. Designed by Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert, the spanking new boutique hotel establishes itself as a temple for the colour-conscious, and whose aim is to allow guests to experience the city through a lens of colour.

Each floor showcases a distinctive hue, mixing colour therapy and design. The 59 rooms and suites use one of seven Pantone colour palettes, ranging from tranquil and aquatic to daring and fiery: earthy/rich (chocolate), daring/fiery (fuchsia), vibrant/intense (orange), cheerful/warm (lemon), captivating/esteemed/silky (pink), fresh/eager (green) and tranquil/exotic/exhilarating (aqua).

Visit the Pantone Hotel Place Loix 1 Loixplein, Brussels

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