Saturday, 2 October 2010

Modern Design Hotel Brussels

The Pantone Hotel opened this week in Brussels, featuring modern design decked out in just seven very precise dominant colors: Pantones 478, 200, 137, 1215, 238, 353 and 298. For those of us less accustomed to the famed color-matching system, that would be approximately brown, crimson, orange, beige, lavender, seafoam and aqua. And yes, you can select your room by color.

Pantone, in case you're baffled at this point, is a company that specializes in color precision, making sure graphic designers get the exact shades they're looking for. Why they would theme a hotel around this is a separate question, one that shouldn't obfuscate the concept's general awesomeness.

Naturally, the modern hotel lounge serves colorful cocktails including the Pink Champagne Pantone 12-1107, the Lemon Drop Pantone 12-0736 and the Daiquiri Green 12-0435.

The 59-key design hotel offers free WiFi. Hotel room rates at the Pantone costs a very reasonable €59 per night.

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