Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Brussels Hotel Rooms & Accommodation

The Pantone Hotel, located in Brussels, offers breathtaking views of the city; but people fortunate enough to get accommodations my have a hard time taking their eyes off the design and colors of their room to look out the window.

Potential overnighters are given the choice to color-code their stay through a variety of color-themes including Earthy, Rich; Daring, Fiery; Vibrant, Intense; Cheerful, Warm; Captivating, Esteemed, Silky; Fresh, Eager; and Tranquil, Aquatic, Exhilarating.

Follow the link to see the use of these color codes in the design and furnishings of the hotel rooms and accommodastion

During your stay at the hotel there are some extra features available to you including the Pantone Lounge, the ability to “test drive” Pantone’s colorful products, the access to color consultants, and the obligatory wireless Internet. The hotel also offers a customizable meeting space for those color-conscious businessmen.

The price to stay a night? Well, one night for two adults (no children) it costs 79 euros (equivalent to about $98); a pretty cheap price for a customizable hotel.

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