Sunday, 5 September 2010

Things to See In Brussels

Today, Boulevard de Waterloo and Avenue Louis is home to many upmarket shops, restaurants and offices. From north to south, notable landmarks include:
  • Louise Square, a crucial transportation nexus including a tramway and metro station. The Law Courts of Brussels are nearby.
  • Stephanie Square, another extremely busy square surrounded by luxury shops. The tree-bordered part of the avenue begins here.
  • The Louise Tower, also known as the Generali Tower, one of the tallest office buildings in Brussels.
  • The intersection with the Chaussée de Vleurgat / Vleurgatsteenweg (which leads downhill to the nearby Flagey Square) dominated by the Blue Tower skyscraper.
  • The scenic King's Garden (Tuin van de Koning or Jardin du Roi), a garden descending toward the nearby Ixelles Ponds.
  • Olivier Strebelle's 16-ton bronze sculpture "Le Phenix 44" which commemorates the anniversary of the liberation of Brussels, which stands athwart the roundabout at King's Garden.
  • The Slys Longchamps Square, which features several statues, the entrance to the La Cambre Abbey, and the massive IT Tower.
  • A roundabout flanked by two twin neoclassical pavilions ending the avenue. Beyond it lies the Bois de la Cambre.
Tramway line 94 runs the entire length of the avenue, all on segregated track except in the short "goulet Louise" section.

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