Saturday, 5 June 2010

Modern & Trendy Design Hotel

A blocky 1970s corner building has been entirely refurbished with exposed concrete pillars and polished terrazzo stone floors, which keep the lobby firmly grounded. Tall white stilts, decorated with changeable Pantone colour samples provide some zoning in this bright volume, where check-in and bar space merge across Corian counters, and a layering of authentic narratives starts with Scott Wilson's 'M2' series of foam furnishings for local producers Quinz & Milan.

The 60, largely white guestrooms are brought to life by photographer, Victor Lévy's super-saturated wall-sized images of gritty scenes witnessing the Brussels urban milieu.

As you'd expect, given its association with the company largely seen as the classifiers of colour, the newly opened Pantone Hotel in south central Brussels is a riot of different hues. Interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert have developed a creative journey well beyond primary colours, against a restrained, predominantly white backdrop.

Trendy & Modern design hotel reviews - Wallpaper

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