Friday, 11 June 2010

Boutique Hotel in Centre of Brussels

It's a perfectly painted world, and at least for one night it can be yours! This experience is for you to enjoy at the new boutique Pantone Hotel in the centre of Brussels.  

Pantone Corporation is a prominent expert in color matching, widely recognized in fashion and design industries, yet lately it has largely expanded its field of work due to Panatone Universe brand. It offers variety of products, attempting to take its place in the design driven lifestyle niche, and the freshly opened 

Pantone Hotel is its début in a hotel industry.

Seven floors of the hotel are done in seven different Pantone color palettes, varying from vividly bright to mellow tinges. White walls and beds, decked out in white serve as a perfect background for experimenting with color combinations. A centerpiece of each room is a photographic installation by the renowned Belgian photographer Victor Levy, containing a spectrum of Pantone Colors.

Large windows admit colors of the outside world, although lots of window panes are tinted, giving a curious chance of looking out into the world as if through pink, green or bluish glasses. The hotel has 59 rooms and boasts a lovely rooftop terrace that allows to experience Brussels panorama from another point of view and perhaps to notice some other colors of the city.

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