Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Meyboon Festival, Brussels 2011

The plantation of the Meyboom on the corner of the Rue du Marais and the Rue des Sables is an old, folklore event in Brussels. The Mayboom (maypole) is raised in Brussels, on the anniversary of a wedding which took place in 1213. A posse of costumed locals accompanies the pole (actually a tree) from the Sablon to the Grand Place.

According to legend, the wedding party was ambushed by a gang of youths from Leuven. When the unwanted youths were finally dispatched, the happy couple were entitled to honour their saviour, Saint Laurence, by planting a May tree on his saint's day every year.

The tradition still survives today, and has grown to become one of the major events on Brussels' heritage calendar. It is even recognized by the UNESCO.

This event takes place on Tuesday 9th Aug 2011 in the Place du Grand Sablon. The procession begins at 2pm with the tree being planted 5pm. There is then a bonfire 8.30pm

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