Sunday, 23 May 2010

Designer Hotel Room Accommodation

There is a very new type of designer hotel--The Pantone Hotel in Brussels. Pantone as in the company that created a precise-color matching system by which all designers of anything live and dye by.The company, while extremely well-known in its industry, is looking to reach out to real consumers. Hence, The Pantone Designer Hotel.
But what we love, absolutely love, is that guests can choose their hotel room at check-in based on their MOOD. It's like a Mood Ring Hotel! Check out the color swatches and designer hotel.accommodation listed here.

Brown is an earthy, rich color. Red is daring and fiery while yellow is cheerful and warm (and yes, all colors are listed with their Pantone ID number too.) But never fear, the entire hotel rooms are not dunked in the colors. The rooms are typically white spaces with splashes of color throughouth--typical a swatch on the bed, the wall above the bed and a window pane.

Other amenities include FREE WiFi, a lounge and rooftop bar that serve Pantone colored cocktails and a store where you can buy all sorts of Pantone swag the company has co-created like mugs, bath and body goods, clothes, bags, stationary and even folding chairs.

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